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The Trump Administration has decided to give cops a pass on killing black people. Wait. Hear me out. The Blue Lives Matter administration began its term by declaring war on the general public if it refused to lick boot properly. And now ANTIFA is behind the riots and looting seen around the country.

On June 9th, the President tweeted that the elderly man shoved to the ground by Buffalo (NY) police officers could be an “ANTIFA provocateur.” The president cited facts not in evidence: a One America News piece of speculative fiction delivered by its in-house double agent — a reporter who also has written for Russian state-affiliated media outfit, Sputnik.

Bill Barr echoed these sentiments, claiming violent extremists were infiltrating protests, apparently making the underlying protests unmeaningful.

With the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements. Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.’

Barr said that there is evidence that those extremists include Antifa and other groups of different political persuasions, as well as “foreign actors playing all sides to exacerbate the violence.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray elaborated on this, noting that “these individuals have set out to sow discord and upheaval.”

This echoed what a senior Justice Department official told Fox News Wednesday about how the feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa.

The DOJ may be publicly supporting these wild-ass claims by administration officials (one of which is the President of the United States), but there’s nothing in the paperwork to support these allegations. The front mouths may be frothing about ANTIFA hijackings but for all their efforts, they haven’t found anything to corroborate their wishful thinking. Ryan Lucas of NPR has the receipts.

NPR has reviewed court documents of 51 individuals facing federal charges in connection with the unrest. As of Tuesday morning, none is alleged to have links to the antifa movement.

Of the cases brought so far, 20 involve allegations related to arson; 16 involve the illegal possession of a firearm, more often than not by a felon; another eight people face charges related to inciting a riot or civil disorder.

There is one case linked to an “extremist” movement, though. Three Nevada men facing criminal charges are allegedly part of the “Boogaloo” movement, which advocates — usually impartially — for violently overthrowing the government and engaging in another civil war of us (the people) vs. them (the government).

Unfortunately, this isn’t the narrative that plays to the voting base, so it’s been ignored by Bill Barr and President Trump in order to present protests against police violence as opportunistic anarchism meted out by far left extremists opposed to the current administration. Not that the facts matter. Bill Barr is still insisting this is probably an ANTIFA thing, even when there appears to be no evidence backing his claims.

In his Fox interview, Barr repeated his assertion that an array of extremist groups has been instigating the violence, although he did — as he has repeatedly since the unrest over Floyd’s death began — single out antifa as the primary culprit.

Investigations are, of course, ongoing. And they will presumably continue until the DOJ satisfies Barr’s unofficial directive. That’s why extremely stupid things are happening, like the FBI trying to talk a random twitter user into becoming an informant after he jokingly told the FBI he was a regional ANTIFA director.

There’s a narrative being pushed here and it’s one designed to focus law enforcement attention on the president’s perceived enemies — not anyone currently endangering lives/buildings with criminal acts. It’s meant to recast demonstrations against police violence as fronts for violent extremists. The Trump Administration is trying to neutralize something it can’t ever hope to fully control. Pretending this is all about ANTIFA allows the administration to pretend it isn’t part of the problem.

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