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Love your bike, but missing your four-legged friend? Good news: You can have both! Dog carriers for bikes help make it happen. They come in different sizes and styles to accommodate different size breeds, leaving your hands free to steer. Be sure to measure your dog and pay attention to weight limits to ensure correct carrier sizing and safety.

The 10 Best Dog Carriers for Bikes

These fantastic—and often multi-functional—dog carriers for bikes will get you and your friend off on your next adventure.

woman on bike with pug in Elabark 4-in-1 dog carrier

This dog carrier for bikes works four different ways: While riding, attach it to the front of your bike, or wear it as a backpack during your ride. Off-bike, this pouch also converts to be worn on your shoulder or used a car seat. It’s a solid option for smaller dogs, and comes with storage pockets and mesh ventilation, plus a soft padded bottom for your pup’s comfort.

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pup in black K9 Sport Sack backpack on woman's back

Pack up the dog and hit the road! K9 Sport Sack’s backpacks come in four sizes, with its largest size holding dogs up to 35 pounds. Your pup’s head and front paws are visible and unencumbered, while their lower half is tucked safely inside, sitting on a rest pad. Zippered vents, a collar hookup, and chest strap provide extra comfort and security.

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PetSafe happy rider bike trailer for dogs

Hitch this dog carrier to the back of your bike on your next adventure! It’s available in two sizes: one for dogs up to 40 pounds and one for dogs up to 70 pounds. This carrier comes complete with storage pockets plus zippered mesh windows to provide ventilation and a view for your furry friend.

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black Snoozer rear seat dog carrier for bikes

For the cool dogs that like to ride in the back, this no-frills carrier, for dogs up to 24 pounds, does the trick. Lined with foam and reinforced with plywood, this seat has strap to secure to your pet’s harness, a reflective stripe, and machine-washable cover. Attach the seat to your bike’s rack via included straps.

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black and gray Trixie quick fold dog bike trailer

Water-resistant and reinforced with a steel frame, this dog carrier hitches to the back of your bike so you can take your buddy on a joy ride. Your pup can take in the fresh air, sights, and sounds through the mesh windows while sitting on a comfy memory foam pad. A safety strap, reflectors and flag add extra security. Bonus? Once your ride is done, this trailer folds right up for easy storage.

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black Pawaboo backpack style dog carrier

For short trips with a small puppers, the Pawaboo backpack is perfect, and can be worn on your chest or your back. Your dog faces outward in this one; there are holes for all four legs, and their tail. It’s a good option if your dog doesn’t like the confinement of a traditional pet backpack (and according to some reviewers, a great option for dancing with your dog). Available in four sizes and several colors.

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Chihuahua riding on front of bike in pink Snoozer basket

What’s cuter than a dog in a basket? Nothing, that’s what! Durable and cozy, this dog carrier for bikes comes in three colors and has plenty of pocket space for your odds and ends. It also comes with a removable pad and chin rest for your dog’s comfort—plus a weather cover in the front pocket for those unexpected raindrops.

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Woman riding bike carrying dog in black Lukovee pet sling

If you’re looking for an alternative to the pet backpack, give this sling a shot. Button your small dog or puppy in at the top and strap them in with the safety belt. Padded and adjustable, these carriers are made from breathable cotton in three colors, along with a water-resistant version in black. There’s a small pocket to hold your essentials.

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woman with her pup in a red 2-in-1 stroller/bike trailer

This sturdy tri-wheel carrier doubles as a bike trailer and a stroller: Attach the hitch to connect to the rear of your bike; without the hitch, push your pup in it from the back handlebar. Safety features include steel framing, hand lock brakes, and reflectors.

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Petall basket and handbag dog carrier

This solid dog carrier for bikes is foldable, waterproof, and comes in four patterns. Reinforced with an aluminum frame, it can hold a dog up to 11 pounds. The basket easily goes on and off your bike and can be used as a carrier when you arrive at your desitnation.

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Feature image by Couleur from Pixabay

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