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Who doesn’t love a massage? Your dog sure does! Massages can be part of your dog’s regular grooming routine and, best of all, serve as great bonding time for the two of you. We’ve rounded up some of the best dog massage tools to relax and soothe your best furry friend. Add them to your ever-growing at-home grooming kit.

Besides feeling just plain good, massage can help with natural oil production in the skin, blood circulation, and easing muscle tension and aches. Start with a relaxing atmosphere, like a soft area, or draw a bath (if your dog isn’t a fan, here are some tips on improving their experience). You can even add some extra calm with aromatherapy their sensitive noses will pick right up.

You don’t have to use oil for a dog massage, but if you choose, coconut oil for dogs is good for their skin and coat and is safe for them to eat.

From rubber-nubbed brushes to roller balls, there are a few dog massage tools to choose from. Check out our picks for the best.

PetWell massaging grooming brush

This silicone tool mixes tiny bristles with thick nubs to not only massage your dog’s muscles, but also remove loose, shedding hair. Simply slip it over your hand and adjust the strap for a comfy fit.

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Dakpets Furblaster glove

Another dual-action massage tool, this oven mitt-shaped dog groomer (for right hand only) is covered with rubber tips on the palm, which also makes for a relaxing massage while you get your doggo’s coat in shape. Can be used dry or wet for pre- or post-bath rubs.

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Martha Stewart adjustable strap dog massage brush

From the lifestyle maven herself, what could be better for your dog than a back scratch and massage together? With an adjustable hand strap on the back, this tool’s rubber nubs and natural brush bristles work together to hit all the right blissful spots.

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Bodhi Dog bath brush

Make bath time much more enjoyable with this dog massage brush, dotted with rubber teeth, for a feel-good shampoo session that’ll leave your dog relaxed and sparkly clean.

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PetWell therapeutic dog massage tool

Up your petting game with this dog massage tool, which kneads sore muscles and body aches with four large pressure-pushing nubs for full-body bliss.

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Greenbone bamboo and silicone dog massage tool

Made from sustainable bamboo and soft silicone bristles, this dog massage tool works in or out of the water, grooming while it soothes.

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blue True Touch grooming glove

The five-finger glove with silicone tips may be a more flexible option for pet parents to pet and massage furry friends who could also use a thorough de-shedding.

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PetWell dog massage roller

This roller massage tool with grippy handle helps you ease your dog’s tension every which way you move it. Great for an all-over massage or targeting specific sore or stiff areas.

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Furbliss dog deshedding and massaging brush

Made from medical-grade silicone, this tool is a real workhorse. In addition to loosening away shedding fur and debris, the nubs on the Furbliss provide your dog with a gentle massage. It also works to remove fur from clothes and furniture. Bonus? It comes in a variety of sizes and nub shapes for different pets and fur lengths, which you can check out here.

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Body Back scalp massage tool

Among dog massage tools, this head scratcher is pretty popular. Dogs go so gaga over it that we singled it out in an article. Just be sure to take care, watching the rubber tips around eyes and delicate areas.

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