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Did someone say it’s time for a B-A-T-H? We can’t all deck out our bathrooms with a dog shower, but a specialized dog bathtub is a pretty handy tool when it comes to cleaning and grooming your dog. Whether your dog is shedding like a fluff storm or took a nice, long roll in the dirt, baths are a big part of dog parenting life. We’ve taken a good look at the options to find the best dog bathtubs that will (hopefully!) make your life easier.

Your own home wash station is not only convenient when you can’t get to a professional groomer, but it could be right for dogs who feel anxious about grooming.


When purchasing a tub, look for:

  • Durable materials. PVC and stainless steel are the best options.
  • The right size. It should be big enough for your dog to be able to move in.
  • Safety features. Anti-slip bottoms are necessary; elevated tubs should include a harness or tether.

Read on for our best dog bathtub picks.

The Best Dog Bathtubs

Chewy Kopeks outdoor portable pool dog bathtubs

Give them a bath or let them swim in this durable and portable industrial strength PVC pool that doubles as a bathtub. Available in three sizes and two colors, this tub is meant for outdoor baths only and is easy to set up on a flat surface. Simply fill it with water and drain by twisting the cap when finished. Fold it up when not in use.

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Chewy Pet Gear bathing tub dog bathtubs

This tabletop-sized dog bathtub stays put on surfaces with rubber grips and helps your pup stay put in the bath with a non-slip, rubberized mat. Pet Gear’s tub also rocks two adjustable leash tethers and a quick drain for easy post-bath cleanup.

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Chewy Flying Pig grooming tub dog bathtubs

Splash it up with your small or medium pooch in the blue or white version of this elevated dog bathtub. The standing design allows pet parents to move around the entire tub to get the best angle on cleaning their pup. The basin is made from heavy-duty plastic, has a built-in drain, and stands stably on stainless steel legs.

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 Frisco outdoor dog pool

This is another solid PVC pool/tub option for sudsing up outdoors. Fill it up on a flat surface come bathtime and remove the external cap to drain, making bathtime setup and cleanup a breeze. It folds up neatly when not in use.

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Booster Bath elevated bathing and grooming center

Your dog can easily hop on in to this plastic bathtub. (The best part? It comes in three different colors and sizes.) The basin’s bottom is texturized to avoid slip and slides, plus it has a three-point harness for safety. It comes with a built-in drainage hose; the legs are removable so you can store it more easily between uses.

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woman giving Corgi a bath in Furesh foldable dog bathtub

Available in blue or gray, this PVC tub is good for small and medium dogs. It sits on a stainless aluminum frame for stable washing, and includes an attached drain hose and three-point leash tether for safety. Best of all, it folds and unfolds in a snap for simple storage and easy access.

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Hanson collapsible tub

If portability and storage are top priorities, this multifunctional tub might be just the ticket. This basin, made from non-toxic materials, collapses flat and comes with a lid, so it can be used as a storage bin for all your doggy’s odds and ends between bathtimes.

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PawBest stainless steel tub

For pet parents who aren’t mucking about, this dog bathtub has all the best bells and whistles. The pro-level stainless steel wash station is sturdy and durable. Your dog can effortlessly go up the included ramp and enter safely via the watertight sliding door; there are arm loops to hold them in place and a non-slip mat for solid footing. A faucet, sprayer, draining hose, and adjustable levelers are also part of the package.

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Need Dog Grooming?

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