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If you’ve ever slept on memory foam, you know just how comfortable it is. Chances are, your dog will feel the same way. If you want your pup to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud, there’s no better option than a memory foam dog bed. Memory foam forms to your pet’s body, helping to relieve pressure from achy muscles or joints. This is especially important for older dogs who are more susceptible to arthritis.

However, dogs of any age benefit from the extra cushioning that a memory foam bed provides. After all, they snooze up to 14 hours a day, so providing them with a supportive, comfortable place to rest will only make them happier and healthier pets.

The Best Memory Foam Dog Beds

We’ve found some of the best memory foam dog beds out there. Take a look—and keep in mind that if your dog is an incurable chewer of beds, you’ll want to invest in one with a durable, chew-resistant cover.

 dog sacked out in Friends Forever memory foam bed

Available in three neutral colors, this bed boasts a machine-washable cover that’s tear- and fur-resistant. It also has a thick memory foam base that’s surrounded by cushioned bolsters, so your pet will have a comfortable place to rest both their head and body.

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dog on Brindle waterproof memory foam bed

This Brindle dog bed is made up of two inches of memory foam on top of a two-inch foam support layer. It has a waterproof liner to protect the filling from accidents, and the bed’s soft zippered cover is easy to remove and wash. All of this and a three-year U.S. warranty makes it a great choice.

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Harmony lounger bed with Aussie lying on top

Ideal for dogs that really like to sprawl out when they snooze, this bed’s base is filled with shredded memory foam that provides comfortable support from all angles. Faux leather accents on the outside of the bed give it some style flair.

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FurHaven kilim-style bed

If you’re looking for an affordable memory foam dog bed in a stylish design for your small dog, this might fit the bill. The bed features a bottom layer of polyurethane foam, a top layer of memory foam, and a plush, machine-washable cover.

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dog lounging on Kopeks sofa-style memory foam bed

Larger-sized dogs need extra support to feel comfortable while they sleep, and this Kopeks memory foam bed delivers with five inches of thick hypoallergenic memory foam packed in. In addition, this bed features a waterproof lining, low bolster walls, an anti-skid rubber bottom, and a washable microsuede cover that’s ultra-soft to the touch.

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dog sitting on blue Dogbed4less orthopedic memory foam dog bed

This heavy-duty memory foam dog bed comes with two external covers (washable denim blue and soft brown microsuede). It also includes a waterproof internal liner and over four inches of memory foam bedding. Whether small or extra large, every dog should feel supported and comfortable on this durable dog bed.

Verified Review: Our reviewer, a Rover sitter, found that both her own dogs and the Rover dogs she hosted were, as she says, “obsessed” with this bed, especially with the microsuede cover. (She observed that the denim cover was not as popular, possibly because the material was too stiff; it could soften up after a few runs in the wash, however.)

One of her dogs, who usually preferred the floor to his existing dog bed, even took to using it. “He seems really comfortable and relaxed,” she said, noting that the bed was “very high quality, felt great, and appears to be supporting his joints extremely well.”

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Beagle lying on eLuxury stain-repellent memory foam dog bed

With two inches of gel-infused memory foam and a three-inch support-foam base, this eLuxury bed is one of the plushest around at five inches thick. Its waterproof cover is machine washable and comes in three colors.

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dog on Bark Box platform bed

Bark Box‘s dog bed comes in several colors and sizes. Made with memory and gel foam, this super comfy bed is also waterproof and machine washable. Bonus—this bed comes with a squeaker toy.

Verified Review: “We tested this bed at our Rover office and found that our canine coworkers quickly gravitate to it as a napping spot, including a senior beagle and a chew-prone terrier mix, Vera. The gray color is quite plain and the bed looks a bit thin coming out of the box, but it’s surprisingly sturdy and soft for the price.

It didn’t seem that it would stand up to heavy chewers, but so far, it’s done well with Vera, who’s known to nibble up beds.  We can easily imagine washing it, too, as it would fit handily into an average washing machine, unlike some of the other washable beds we’ve tried. Not only that, but the bed comes with a cute small toy—which Vera promptly slobbered all over.”

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PetFusion ultimate memory foam dog bed

This durable bed features a ton of bolster support, a removable water and tear-resistant cover, plus a four-inch memory foam base.

Verified Review: Tried and tested by Rover office dogs, “We were impressed with the quality of the PetFusion bed, which lives up to the ‘ultimate’ in its name. If your dog likes to burrow, like mine, I throw a fuzzy blanket or two on top, and he’s happy as can be. The bed was a 10/10 with our dogs.”

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K & H Pet Products memory foam dog bed

Buitl with 3.75 inches of orthopedic memory foam, this dog bed comes in two sizes and has a removable cover (there are three color options) that can be popped into the washing machine between uses.

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Your dog is sure to get cozy in one of these extra-comfy memory foam dog beds. Check out the video below for a bonus bed review, along with other specialty dog bed options below.

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