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Brushing your dog’s teeth is one of the most important routines you can develop. Good oral care isn’t just about keeping bad breath at bay (though that’s one great reason). It prevents periodontal disease, which not only impacts teeth and gums—and your dog’s ability to eat comfortably—but can lead to other health complications and inflammation. A good dog toothbrush, along with your dog’s favorite toothpaste, can make the job quick and easy.

Supplement tooth brushing with convenient dental chew treats and you’ll have your dog’s teeth sparkling, their breath fresh, and their health in tip-top shape.


Wondering how to get started? Learn the basics of brushing your dog’s teeth with the video below, then read on to discover the best dog toothbrushes currently available.

The Best Dog Toothbrushes

Brushing can be bonding time. These excellent dog toothbrush options include gentle gum-massaging finger brushes, versatile dual-headed brushes, and even a sustainable bamboo number.

Vetoquinol Enzadent dual-ended dog toothbrush

Ergonomically designed to correctly hit the angles of your dog’s pearly whites, this toothbrush has two different sizes of soft bristles at each end to accommodate different size mouths while scrubbing away plaque and debris.

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Espree oral care 3-in-1 dog toothbrush

Efficient and effective, this three-sided dog toothbrush reaches all around teeth and stimulates gums in fewer strokes for a thorough oral hygiene session.

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Nylabone Denta-C oral care kit

This little kit from quality dog chew brand Nylabone includes a plaque-fighting peanut-butter-flavored toothpaste, sturdy fingerbrush, and an angled-head toothbrush that combines soft nylon bristes for surface cleaning with tougher ones for getting around and between teeth.

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Chewy Vibrac c.e.t. dog toothbrush

This toothbrush is perfect for brushing the teeth of smaller and toy breed dogs as well as cats. Virbac’s C.E.T. brand has been specializing in animal dental health for 25 years—you’ve likely seen these products at your vet’s office—so this toothbrush is an all-around solid choice for your dog’s tooth brushing needs.

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PetzLife three-pack finger brushes

If your doggo is not having the toothbrush, consider trying fingerbrushes on for size. Available in a three-pack, these little scrubbers go on your finger and are designed specifically to massage around your dog’s gumline for a thorough clean.

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Pet Republique dual-ended toothbrushes, three-pack

Just like human toothbrushes, pet brushes wear out. Pet Republique’s dual-headed toothbrushes come in three- and six-packs so you’ll be stocked up. They’re angled to reach to and around those hard-to-get chompers. Bonus: The company donates 15% of profits to American Animal Rescue Society.

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Woobamboo bamboo toothbrush

Veterinarian approved and available in two different sizes, this toothbrush is highly sustainable, made from bamboo and recyclable bristles. The handle is a little more ergonomic than most, so you can hang on more easily while brushing. When the toothbrush is worn out, you can simply remove and recycle the bristles and either compost the bamboo handle or let your dog play with the remaining stick.

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Petosan microfiber cloth finger toothbrush

It’s bristle-free but this antimicrobial microfiber fingerbrush gets the job done! Slip this washable cloth on your finger (secure with the strap on your other finger) to massage your dog’s teeth and gums, breaking up bacteria and plaque in the process.

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Sentry Petrodex dog dental care kit

Made in the USA, this kit comes with a poultry-flavored toothpaste, fingerbrush, and dual-ended dog toothbrush featuring a traditional brushhead on one side, and a 360-degree brushhead on the other for all the nooks and crannies.

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Majestic Bombay dog tooth scaler

For heavy duty cleaning, try a tooth scaler. Yes, it’s a lot like your dentist’s scraping tool; a surgical-grade stainless steel instrument that helps scrape away minor tartar and plaque buildup—consult with your vet if your dog has a lot of buildup. Be sure to use this tool with extra care to avoid nicking gums. Best if your dog is very comfortable with you in their mouth and around their teeth.

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