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As another summer kicks into gear, it’s not just people who are feeling the heat, dogs are going to need some protection from hot weather. Just imagine wearing a fur coat all summer! Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how to cool down your dog.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs overheat when they’re dehydrated or exposed to hot temperatures, risking heatstroke. Offering water at least once per hour and providing cool water to wade into can help keep your dog’s body temperature comfortable.

How to Cool Down Your Dog—The Best Dog Cooling Accessories

Of course, there are plenty of ingenious pet products out there for keeping your dog cool. From cooling vests to pet pools, we’ve rounded up the best dog cooling products.

dog lounging on Green Pet Shop cooling pad

This lightweight, portable mat is pressure activated; the non-toxic gel on the inside starts absorbing your dog’s heat as soon as they lay down on it. It lasts for up to four hours. Just lay it on the floor or your dog’s favorite spot on the couch, and they’ll be comfy in no time.

It comes in sizes small to extra-large to suit any dog. This cooling mat can be placed in a kennel or as a topper for a pet bed. And check out the optional durable and washable cotton/poly blend cover.

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dog on Gen7Pets mesh cot

Great for trips and outdoor lounging, this portable cooling cot is made with a sturdy rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame and mesh fabric surface for air flow. The raised sofa-like back brings added comfy support for your pup.

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Novel Brands K9 Chill Dog cooling collar

This collar’s unique material helps retain moisture for hours, keeping your dog cool. Simply moisten this lightweight fabric collar with water and put it on them. It’s comfortable, safe, and inexpensive (with a hole to accommodate a leash)—the perfect addition to your beat-the-heat summer plans.

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dog on SwimWays pool float

Cooling dogs down in the summer is easy when you can get them into water, but for dogs who don’t love to swim, this might just do the trick. This little raft is great for lakes and pools; your dog can stay chill without having to dive in.

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dog drinking from water bowl in Ruffwear cooling vest

Looking for a durable dog top to keep your dog cool this summer? This zippered cooling vest’s outer layer reflects heat and facilitates evaporation, the middle layer absorbs and stores water, and the inner layer transfers the cooling effect to your dog. Just wet the vest, wring it out, and put it on your dog. It also provides UPF 50+ protection.

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blue Cool Pup splash pool

This durable, portable pool is perfect for all kinds of dogs. No inflating necessary—just open up the paneled sides and fill the pool with water for an on-demand doggy splash zone. Be sure to set this pool up on a smooth, level surface to avoid punctures.

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dog drinking from TrioGato outdoor dog water fountain

Does your dog love running through sprinklers? Connect this no-leak outdoor dog fountain to your water connection and let your dog enjoy their on-demand sprinkler. They step on the paw pad to release a smooth stream of water for drinking or just getting their head wet on a hot summer day.

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Neater Polar Bowl

Thermal cup, meet dog bowl. This dish is made from double-walled stainless steel with a non-toxic cooling gel core—freeze it and your dog’s water will stay cool for hours.

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Amazon Pro Select crate fan

Wondering how to cool down your dog when they need to be in their crate? This portable fan attaches to the outside of the crate, creating a cool breeze within. It features two speeds and a built-in thermometer; perfect for circulating cool air in the house or car.

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Chewy Zippypawz floaterz squeaky toy

Have a toy crazy, squeaker-loving dog? This friendly floating shark toy is made for playing in water; use it to entice your pooch in for a cooling—and entertaining—swim.

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dog with Petlou Sea Warrior snake pool toy

Your dog will love chasing and nabbing this floatable, wiggly, squeaky critter for extra pool or beach time fun that will keep them active and cool at once.

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blue PetSafe chilly penguin freezable treat holder

We’ve saved the cutest for last! Fill this toy with your dog’s favorite treats (such as this peanut butter-flavored Kong filler) and freeze, or add treats to an already-frozen toy, and toss it to your furry friend. They’ll stay cool while having fun licking and chewing on this wobbly rubber penguin to find those goodies.

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These cooling toys and tools are sure to set you and your pup up to beat the heat and enjoy a summer of active fun.

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