This article discloses how to mirror a laptop to a TV both remotely and utilizing wires. The directions in this article apply comprehensively to both Windows and Mac PCs while associating them to smart HDTVs. It very well might be conceivable to mirror a PC to a non-smart TV, notwithstanding, it requires the utilization of extra hardware, not canvassed in this article.

Before we proceed on how to mirror a laptop to a TV, here are few things you need to know.

  • Windows PCs use Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct under Settings. MacBook’s use Airplay; go through Settings or use the Airplay symbol.
  • Before you endeavor to mirror to a TV, be certain the TV and the PC are associated with a similar network.
  • Can’t go remote? Interface the HDMI link to your PC and to your TV. MacBook’s can utilize a connector for a smaller than expected DisplayPort or USB-C.

How to Wirelessly Mirror a Windows Laptop to an HDTV

How to Mirror a Laptop to a TV

In all Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PCs, including PCs, there’s an implicit capacity for reflecting your screen on a TV called Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct.

There are a couple of things to remember, however:

  • Both the TV and the PC should be associated with a similar network.
  • Your PC and TV both ought to be current and totally refreshed with any working system patches or security updates.
  • It is conceivable that a PC that was redesigned from a more seasoned rendition of the working system may not help Miracast (as a result of obsolete equipment).
  • While most HDTVs will uphold Miracast, there are some that don’t, and you won’t have the option to reflect your PC to those TVs utilizing Miracast except if you purchase a different Miracast dongle.

However long your PC and your TV uphold Miracast, reflecting your TV ought to be a straightforward cycle.

  • Ensure both your PC and your TV are associated with a similar network and afterward go to the Windows logo button (Start) > Settings > Devices.
  • To get to Settings you could utilize the console combination Windows Key + I (uppercase ‘I’).
  • In Bluetooth and other devices click Add Bluetooth or different gadgets.
  • An Add a device dialog box opens. Select Wireless presentation or dock.
  • A rundown of accessible gadgets shows up, select the TV you’re attempting to interface with.
  • Your PC will attempt to interface with the TV, and a message will show up on your TV inciting you to permit or deny the association. Select Allow and the association will be set up. It may require a couple of moments for the picture of your work area to show up on the screen.

On the off chance that you have ever associated your PC to an outside screen, your PC may consider the to be as an Extended display.

To change this, press the Windows Key + P on your keyboard to open the Projection screen. Select Duplicate or Second Screen Only to show your work area on the TV. Copy shows the work area on both the PC and the TV and Second Screen Only shows it just on the TV.

How to Stop Mirroring a Windows Laptop

At the point when you’re done mirroring your screen on Windows, you can return to Settings > Devices and discover the name of the TV you’re reflecting to. Select it and afterward click Remove Device. mirroring will stop right away.

How to Wirelessly Mirror a Mac Laptop Screen to a TV

MacBook PCs, called MacBooks, have a component called AirPlay. On the off chance that your TV upholds AirPlay, at that point remotely mirroring your screen to your TV can be cultivated twoly.


Contingent upon how you have AirPlay set up on your MacBook, you may have to go through Settings to reflect your screen.

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Select Displays.
  • In the exchange box that shows up, click the AirPlay Display menu and select the TV you need to reflect your screen to.
  • Your PC will mirror to your TV and an alternatives box will show up where you can change the advancement and brilliance for the screen. You can finish off of these windows without finishing your AirPlay meeting.


    On the off chance that you have enabled Show mirroring alternatives in the menu bar when accessible you ought to have an AirPlay symbol on your menu bar that you can use to easy route the way toward mirroring your MacBook to your TV.

    On the off chance that you haven’t empowered the AirPlay symbol, you can do that now by going to Settings > Display and setting a checkmark in the crate next to Show mirroring alternatives in the menu bar when accessible.

    You should simply tap the AirPlay symbol and select the TV you need to mirror to. (Truly, it’s actually that straightforward on a MacBook).

    How to Stop Mirroring your Laptop on a MacBook

    At the point when you’re done working and need to end your mirroring meeting on a MacBook, click the AirPlay icon again and select Stop AirPlay.

    Your MacBook should quit mirroring and your TV will quickly open up once more.

    How to Mirror Your Laptop Using Cables

    In the event that you don’t have a fresher PC or a smart TV, you can most likely actually mirror your PC to your TV, you’ll simply have to utilize a HDMI cable to do it. In case you’re utilizing a more established PC, you may have to utilize a VGA cable. The issue with VGA cables is that they don’t convey sound, so you’ll likewise require a sound link in the event that you need to hear the sounds your PC makes.

    Likewise, check your TV to ensure it has VGA ports. If not, you should buy a VGA connector, as well. You should simply interface the HDMI cable to your PC and to your TV. At that point, utilizing the distant on your TV, select the info that relates with where you connected the cable.

    On Windows, you would then be able to utilize the console combination Windows Key + P to open presentation settings and pick how you need to show/reflect your PC screen.

    On a MacBook, you might not have HDMI associations so you’ll require a connector for a small scale DisplayPort or a USB-C. When associated you can go to System Preferences > Display to change show settings if important.


    Having read this article on how to mirror a laptop to a TV, executing this task would now be easier for you. However, if you encounter any error along the way, do not hesitate to seek for assistance.