Illustration for article titled Here are the Places Americas Ugly Racist Past Still Lives Breathes in the Sports World

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Change isn’t just coming, it’s here. NASCAR will no longer allow displays of the Confederate flag. The NFL is proclaiming that Black Lives Matter. U.S. Soccer repealed its anthem policy.

But in many places in the sports world, racism is alive and well, and starring everyone right in the face. In some cases, it’s obvious. In others, it’s so ingrained that hardly anyone gives it a second thought or bothers to question it. Eradicating the scourge from the sports landscape will require more than the right words, but actions to end some long-standing cases of naming conventions and hero worship.

From statues of avowed racists to insensitive team names to even the names of universities and the cities they’re in, there are tributes to racists all throughout sports. Here are some examples:

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