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No pool party is complete without a pool toy or two—just like us, dogs love having things to play with in the water! Whether they’re fetching a floating ball, chewing on neoprene fish, or trying to capture an elusive bobbing rubber duck, a special toy can elevate a dog’s time in the water to the next level. We’ve rounded up the best dog pool toys this summer.

Water toys are often specifically designed to withstand rugged water play. However, if your dog has a penchant for destroying toys, it may be best to limit their use to only around water to make sure they last a long time.


Best 20 Dog Pool Toys

From flying discs to rubber “skipping stones,” these are our favorite dog pool toys that will engage your pup’s senses and enhance their enjoyment of playing in the water.

Ruff Dawg flying fish minnow floating dog pool toy

Your dog can bring in the catch of the day with this fun toy, made in the USA from non-toxic rubber. Attach a rope through the hole to make throwing and retrieving even easier.

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Chewy Hyper Pet flippy flopper floating pool toy for dogs

These soft-yet-stong rubber discs with a nylon shell are a cult favorite among dogs and dog owners for their durability. Available in multiple bright colors so you can spot ’em easily.

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blue Ruffwear Lunker dog pool toy

Made from recycled abrasion-resistant materials, the rope handle allows you to give this foam-core toy a solid toss with little effort. It’s built to last, but when this toy is done you can recycle it.

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Chew Frisco floating no squeak ball 2 pack pool toy for dogs

All the bounce and float, none of the squeak! These simple foam rubber balls—they come in a two-pack—make for an all-around good pool toy.

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Chewy Kurgo skipping stones 2 pack pool toy for dogs

These aren’t just any old skipping stones! They bounce along the water’s surface, but unlike real stones, they stay afloat. An irresistible set for dogs who like to retrieve. Bonus? They come in a two-pack, are made from non-toxic rubber, and are dishwasher safe.

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Chewy Hyper Pet tennis chewz ring pool toy for dogs

Chew toy meets tennis ball with this durable ring that plays well both in and out of the water. Its tennis ball-texture outside, chewy rubber inside, and atypical shape offer variety to activate their senses.

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two-pack of Mihachi bouncing ball for water

Good for small to medium dogs, these Lycra-exterior balls don’t get waterlogged like standard tennis balls do. They bounce on the water’s surface, making for lots of fetching fun.

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dog in bath with ZippyPaws duck floating ring

These adorable toys don’t just float—they squeak! A perfect choice for dogs who can’t resist a squeak toy. It has duck, shark, turtle, and walrus versions.

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Starmark swing and fling ball rope dog pool toy

This simple rope and sturdy foam dog pool toy is easy to throw far afield, as well as to play tug with for your swimming buddy.

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Nerf Dog flyer dog pool toy

Classic! Since 1969, Nerf has been producing some of the best outdoor toys for humans, and now dogs can get in on the fun with this floating Frisbee-like dog pool toy, made of lightweight rubber.

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light blue and orange Chuckit Paraflight flying disc pool toy

This lightweight Frisbee-style dog pool toy flies and floats well. The strong nylon canvas is wrapped around a rubber ring, making it soft and durable. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark version for nighttime fun!

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blue IMK9 floating disc

This soft, natural rubber flying disc was created, according to the manufacturer, for better visibility—blue is one of the colors dogs can see. They also offer an “all chewed up” guarantee: If your dog chews this toy up, they will replace it or give you a refund.

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dog swimming with a Scenereal floating snake dog pool toy

These brightly-colored floating snakes contain only squeakers and are a fun way to change up your dog’s water chase game. Note, they may not hold up against intense chewers.

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German shepherd holding Kong aqua rope pool toy for dogs

This toy, by classic and reliable pet brand Kong, is super easy to throw far and will work swimmingly if your larger dog loves to go the distance and play fetch in the water.

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This dog pool toy has bright orange “paws” and a blue body giving both you and your dog colors that are easier to spot in the water. The paws glow in the dark at night if you want to keep the pool party going after sundown.

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golden retriever holding Tuffy's lobster dog pool toy

Did someone run all the way to the Hamptons to fetch this toy? This adorable lobster will give pool time a fun seaside ambiance. It’s rated eight on the brand’s own “Tuff Scale,” meaning it’s pretty darn durable for most water frolickers.

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Amazon Doggles get wet duck pool toy for dogs

This brightly-colored, goofy duck is tons of fun in the water. It’s got a mostly flat neoprene body with a squeaker in the head and a tennis ball in its belly; so dogs engage different senses as they dive in to fetch this durable floating toy.

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Chewy Kong wet wubba pool toy for dogs

This durable neoprene-covered toy is highly visible for dogs (and humans), easy to grab and throw via multiple “tails,” and quick-drying. It comes in three colors and two sizes.

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Chuckit squeaker ball dog pool toy

Compatible with the Chuckit launcher, these balls are made to fly far and float—they also squeak, and come in three different sizes for your swimming dog.

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Amazon SwimWays pool float pool toy for dogs

A different kind of pool toy for dogs, this pool float is for the pupper that prefers their water fun in the form of lounging, rather than chasing all the things. We can get behind that! It’s designed to be claw-resistant and can support dogs 65 pounds and up. It folds up neatly when play time is over.

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Dog pool toys are a great way to enhance the swimming experience for those dogs who already love the water, or to entice your dog into the water for a splasharound. Paws down, playing around and in water is the best way to keep cool in the warmer months, so enjoy!

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