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You love your Frenchie, and your Frenchie loves you. Your Frenchie also loves toys. Lots of them. If you’re looking for the best toys for French bulldogs, look no further—we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, with a little of everything to match the temperaments of these grunty and tough cuties, including toys that focus on interaction with humans or other dogs and comforting toys for pups who get lonely.

We especially noted toys that work with the nose-breathing-challenged. Flat-faced dogs can have some issues with carrying toys and breathing through their mouths with ease. And speaking of mouths—we’ve mostly avoided overly plush toys that will become drool mops and stuck with washable options.


Lastly, we considered the Frenchie’s stubborn, opinionated nature. Some toys, such as puzzles or foraging toys, can help with motivation (particularly if they involve a treat as the outcome).

The 12 Best Toys for French Bulldogs

We’ve rounded up some of the best toys for French Bulldogs’ uniquely fun personalities, including tugs, balls, puzzles, and plushies, with options for indoor and outdoor play.

Omega Paw tricky treat ball

Frenchies love this combination of puzzle toy and ball. Stuff it with treats and they’ll get rewarded the more they chase and play. It’s good for indoor or outdoor use.

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Busy Buddy chew toy for French bulldogs

Keep up your Frenchie’s dental health with this fun and interactive toy that layers rings of nylon bristles with treats, givng your Frenchie lots of nooks and crannies to wrap their mouths around. Because of all the pieces, we recommend this one for indoor play.

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Outward Hound hide-a-squirrel plush toy

Does your Frenchie have a high prey drive? Give them something to hunt! Once the squirrels have been pulled out, played with, and ripped up, you can buy replacements to re-stuff the trunk. Outward Hound’s hide-a-squirrel is one of the most universally praised toys out there, definitely making it one of the best (and, honestly, cutest) toys for your French bulldog.

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Chuckit Breathe Right two-pack fetch balls

A genius design for pups with smooshy faces. Your nose-breathing-challenged dog will enjoy games of keep-away and fetch with this vented ball that allows for easier breathing while they’re holding it.

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yellow Westpaw plushie, one of the best toys for French bulldogs

Tired of giving up all of your favorite throw pillows to your drooling little cuddler? This cute little plush monster is designed for medium-intensity play. It squeaks, and you can throw it in the wash when you need to.

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Amazon Redline K9 jute tug best toys for French bulldogs

We love these toys for outdoor interactive games of tug. We also like having this jute and nylon alternative to rope that’s easier to clean! This slimmer model of Redline’s larger-sized original toy is ideal for smaller mouths.

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Chewy ZippyPaws skinny peltz 3-pack best toys for French bulldogs

Multiple squeakers? Check. Stuffing everywhere? Nope! These adorable critters come in packs of three and are blissfully stuffing-free for when they’re inevitably chewed open, making them one of the best toys for French Bulldogs.

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Chewy Kong floppy knots fox best toys for French bulldogs

We believe this is the cutest tug ever made. It has lots of knots and a few squeakers inside to stimulate your Frenchie’s senses. It comes with the quality we expect from Kong products.

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 Nylabone triple pack best chew toys for French bulldogs

These Nylabone chews are a great tool for breaking destructive chewing habits. These synthetic bones in peanut butter, chicken, and bacon flavors are sure to keep your mischievous French bulldog from turning to your slippers, favorite shoes, or furniture. They also support good dental health!

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Foxtail fetch ball

This ball-tug combo may well be one of the best toys for French bulldogs who love to play ball. Tough and good for outdoor play, it’s perfect for transitioning from zealous ball-chasing at the dog park to enthusiastic games of tug with dog friends (or you!).

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Trixie Mini Mover puzzle toy for French bulldogs

For the pup who can solve anything, here is an advanced puzzle that will keep your determined Frenchie busy (for a little while, at least!). It’s dishwasher safe, too.

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Amazon Leaps & Bounds plush avocado best toys for French bulldogs

You’ve got avocado toast, your Frenchie can dig in to this sweet plushie. The two sides of the stuffed avocado conceal a bouncy ball that looks like, yes, an avocado pit. It’s (almost) as cute as your dog trying to pull the ball out. For gentler chewers only.

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