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Stop us if this sounds familiar: You buy your dog a cushy place to sleep, after much thought and budget-balancing. You bring it home. Your dog loves it. So much so that before you know it, they’ve shredded the cover, scattered the stuffing, and perhaps mangled a zipper. Some dogs just can’t resist the urge to toy with their bedding. If that’s the case for you and your pet, it’s time to get serious with an indestructible dog bed. Yes, they do exist!

We’ve rounded up these super-tough (yet cozy) options for the chewers, shredders, and diggers in your life, including one fail-safe option approved by shelters and vets everywhere.


Whether you have a teething puppy, a troubled teen, or an anxious adult, here are some steps dog owners can take to prolong the life of any dog bed:

  • Make sure your dog gets lots of mental and physical exercise and play every day, especially prior to crating.
  • Interrupt any destruction and immediately redirect chewing to an appropriate item.
  • Limit the length of their alone time, or break up a long day with a dog walker or drop-in visit.
  • Provide Kongs and other puzzle toys to keep your dog busy while you’re away.
  • Bitter Apple spray, applied daily, may help your dog resist gnawing on his surroundings.

Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Chewers

These nearly indestructible dog beds are made for your dog’s digging, chewing, and scratching habits. Read on for our takes and even some tests from Rover’s own dogs. A few of these companies are so confident in their product, they’ll even replace it if it doesn’t live up to its tough promise.

PetFusion Ultimate indestructible dog bed

This cozy dog bed checks a lot of boxes: it features a 4-inch memory foam base; it comes with a machine-washable, tear- and water-resistant cover; and it offers sturdy, almost fully enclosed bolstering support if you have a dog who likes a pillow.

While it’s not certified indestructible, it should stand up to dogs that like to dig in their beds and have a nibble while they’re at it. A nice combination if you have an older dog who’s a moderate chewer, and needs a soft place to rest.

Verified Review: Tried and tested by Rover office dogs, “We were impressed with the quality of the PetFusion bed, which lives up to the ‘ultimate’ in its name. If your dog likes to burrow, like mine, I throw a fuzzy blanket or two on top, and he’s happy as can be. The bed was a 10/10 with our dogs.”

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K-9 Ruff 'n' Tuff indestructible dog bed

This indestructible dog bed cover (okay, it’s chew-resistant at least) is removable and machine-washable, but the opening is hidden because dogs love to dig and claw at zippers. It’s also waterproof for indoor/outdoor comfort. Our tester loved that it was made from recycled materials, yet felt very durable.

Verified Review: “Mable likes to dig in her beds, which has been a problem with dog beds because some are cheaply made and will easily rip. When she starting digging, the bed barely flinched. The stuffing of the bed is perfect and doesn’t clump up on one-side (which is common with other dog beds) so it definitely exceeded my expectations. This bed is perfect for inside, outside, the car, work—everywhere! This bed is so comfy that I could easily fall asleep on it myself.”

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Husky lying on Kuranda indestructible dog bed
The not-so-secret weapon in the war against chewing: Kuranda.

This truly indestructible dog bed is designed with unrepentant chewers in mind. Heavy-duty tubular support made of PVC or aluminum pipes hides and protects the fabric platform. There are lots of sizes, covers, and upgrades available, and all have a one-year warranty. These sturdy beds are used and loved by shelters and rescues, so you know they’re tough!

Verified Review: “The item came in a box and required a bit of assembly. The box did not contain instructions for assembly so I found a video on YouTube. Took about 15 minutes. The bed is simple in design and attractive. I like the simplicity of this bed and my puppy really enjoys it. She likes to lay on it with her blanket and seems to like the netting style. The medium size offers plenty of room. We don’t have any complaints about the product. I would have appreciated having some setup instructions in the box but overall, my dog really enjoys this bed. I have this set up at the Rover office and am considering another for home.”

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K9 Ballistics tough rectangle indestructible bed

We especially love the many color options from K9 Ballistics, which offers a 90-day limited damage warranty for their bed covers (but not the bed itself), which they believe are near-indestructible. This chew-resistant dog bed has a waterproof, removable cover that’s machine-washable, so it’s tough and easy to clean.

Verified review: “It looks a bit plain: just a big, thick square pad with a cover that you zip on. However, it’s thicker than I expected, more like a plush pillow, and the cover feels very sturdy. The zipper is strong and easy to use. I’d feel confident removing and replacing the cover if I needed to. Though it’s not exactly soft to the touch thanks to its tough nylon cover (which feels more like a canvas tent cover, say, than a blanket), my dog loves this bed. She is very happy to flop out across it. I am pleased with its durability because after one month of use, she has yet to tear even a small hole into it. She occasionally scratches at it, as if to bury her toys in it, and hasn’t even made a dent. You can’t tell, in fact, that a dog uses it unless you look closely because the fabric is basically fur-repellent. It’s very easy to wipe off. I would say that this bed truly is ‘chew-proof’ and that it’s much softer and more supportive than I’d thought it would be. Easy to put the bed inside the cover and zip up! Main issue has been the size; it’s bulky and not easy to fit comfortably in our living space.”

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Dogbeds4less orthopedic dog bed

This durable orthopedic dog bed is covered with two cases; an internal breathable liner for the shredded foam, and then a waterproof, machine-washable tough denim cover over that. While this bed isn’t rated indestructible, there are many reviews stating that their beds have stood up to some serious large breed wear and tear, earning this affordable bed a spot on our indestructible list.

Verified Review: Our reviewer, a Rover sitter, found that both her own dogs and the Rover dogs she hosted were, as she says, “obsessed” with this bed, especially with the microsuede cover. (She observed that the denim cover was not as popular, possibly because the material was too stiff; but because it’s machine washable, a few runs in the wash could soften it up.)

One of her dogs who usually preferred the floor to his existing dog bed even took to using it. “He seems really comfortable and relaxed,” she said, noting that the bed was, “very high quality, felt great, and appears to be supporting his joints extremely well.”

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K9 ballistics tough crate pad

If you’re looking for a chew-proof pad for your dog’s crate or simply a bed that travels easily, the Tough Bed Crate Pad is a great choice. You can use it for kenneling or for travels: roll it up and toss it in the back of your car or truck, use it for camping or any other place your dog needs a little cushioning. Recommended for light to moderate chewers.

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Carhartt indestructible dog bed

Carhartt’s nearly indestructible dog bed is made from a durable cotton canvas material. It can withstand years of chomping (though we recommend keeping an eye on aggressive chewers), wet paws, and digging. The nontoxic water-repellent coating makes for easy cleaning, and its triple-stitch seams and brass zipper hold up in the washing machine.

Verified Review: Our tester noted that the bed is a good size, yet lightweight and easy to move around. Check out our video review below for more about this bed.

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Big Barker orthopedic indestructible crate pad

Made in the USA, this dog bed fits most standard crates and is stuffed with 4 inches of good quality foam for a comfortable rest. The removable cover is crafted from military-grade fabric that’s made to be indestructible and resistant to stains, but can still be popped right in the wash between uses.

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small dog in Dogzilla bolster dog bed

An indestructible dog bed for small and toy breeds, it’s also very soft, which comes from a super comfy fill made from recycled polyester fiber. Easy to clean, this lounger bed is covered with a tough rip-stop fabric, to hold up against little scratches and chews.

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Orvis ToughChew indestructible dog bed

Orvis stands by this indestructible dog bed, offering a refund if your dog manages to rip through the cover. Made from microvelvet bonded with rip-stop nylon, it’s crafted all-around extra tough against wear and tear. The cover is removable (fastened by a solid brass zipper), but the entire bed is also machine washable. Bonus: Take this bed to the next level by personalizing it with embroidery, up to 15 letters.

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